How I was able to throw away my meds!
Inhalers, nebulizer, and medications were all a part of my life 7 years ago.  Then I learned about essential oils, which then led me into a cleaner way of living.  And today, I'm so grateful that I threw all of this away!!!  That's right.  I threw away my nebulizer, my inhalers, my hormone patches, my meds for my digestive (including Zantac!  Have you heard the commercials that they now know that it was a cancer causing drug that you can now file a lawsuit :/ )

It wasn't easy. It wasn't over night.  BUT, I'm so grateful that I took that first step and started down this road by purchasing my first set of oils.  You CAN too!  And you won't be alone, we have a wonderful community that is here for you.  That will help answer your questions.  That will give you direction of where to start.  That will support you <3 

I know how important it is to be conscious of the powerful side effects of everyday medications.  The father of my children, the man I was married to for almost 20 years, the man that would have had so many grandchildren now died at the age of 40 because he was on so many medications.  One causing a side effect, that led to having to take another med, and yet another...

We need to be the stewards of our own bodies.  Ask questions.  Seek out healthier alternatives to everyday issues like heartburn, digestive issues, breathing issues, and so much more!  They are out there.  I have been hospitalized numerous times due to my asthma.  Since beginning my healthier journey 7 years ago, I have had one full blown asthma attack where I was able to open my lungs without an inhaler or nebulizer, and one case where in the past I would have been in a full blown attack; however, I was able to go into the situation fully prepared and support my lungs with strong immunity instead of waiting for them to fail.

Are you ready for a healthier journey?  We only have one body.  One shot at this life.  You are worth a life full of joy, health, and love...  Let me help you <3



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