August Bliss Bundle

Last month I was introduced to Farmasi.... Great clean products for a fraction of the cost that you'd find here in the US!

Everything is made in Turkey at Farmacity where Farmasi began over 70 years ago.  With amazing European standards, banning over 1,300 ingredients that are allowed here :/  We are led to believe that in order to get good clean products you have to pay an arm and a leg.... That's not true!

Why is it important to have clean products?  Because our skin is our largest organ, and all of those carcinogens are leaching into our blood stream!  Are you ready to start living clean?  Start here...  Here is a beautiful bundle of eye products just waiting for you, and it's only $55... and with every $50 purchase this month you'll also get a free blue Inkliner that is all day wear, intense color, water and smudge resistant eyeliner.

Oh.... and if you're interested in an even better deal (like 50% off) message me ;)  

The Creative Frugal Wonder Woman???

How does one even come up with such a name???  
Creative?  Ok, I get that.  
Frugal?  Yeah, who doesn't like to save money.  
But Wonder Woman??  Come on...

For many years I've been called Wonder Woman. She was my hero as a child, I remember watching Linda Carter as she would spin around to become a woman who got things done, used her gold bracelets to deflect bullets, and her magic rope to wrangle the bad.  I aspired to be just like her, LOL.

Well, here I am many years later, and I'm still doing just that. Let's take my son's recent wedding for example.  He contacted me to let me know that he was getting married, but due to the current Covid pandemic they didn't know what to do.  After a brief discussion they decided they would like to get married here at our home, which we affectionately call, "The McKee Ranch".  It's not a ranch with horses or cows, but a simple home in the middle of 10 acres of woods.  A beautiful pond and the sounds of the babbling brook,  along with dozens of turkeys and birds.  My husband, Kenny and I were excited to be able to host such an event.  Then the kicker.... they wanted to get married in 4 weeks!  Ok... we can do this, I thought.  As the days progressed closer to the wedding day there were challenges, but many victories as we prepared for a beautiful wedding on a budget.

The one thing I was not planning on was making a wedding
 dress.  Bre had gone dress shopping, but was not finding what she wanted.  Fortunately she had a good vision of what she was looking for, and between her vision and my ability to sew we got it done! 

 What a blessing it has been to accomodate our children to host their beautiful day. I used foam board from Dollar Tree to make signs reciting Corinthians as our guests came down the long driveway. Grapevine from our property to make an arbor for them to get married under.  And fleece blankets from Dollar General to keep our guest warm on the brisk fall day.

 It was a beautiful event for a beautiful couple.  Not everything has to cost a lot of money.  When you've got the Creative Frugal Wonder Woman you can get 'er done on a budget.  

My goal is to share my tips and tricks on how I get things done.  You can follow me here on my blog, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.