The Trifecta of choices and consequences...

Yesterday was our oldest grandson's 13th birthday.  While it's good to stay gluten, dairy and sugar free; I've made the choice to choose my battles.  I know that with gluten I will have inflammation and joint pain, the dairy will cause me digestion issues, and the sugar will cause me extreme fatigue.  
 But when your grandson wants pizza and root beer floats for his birthday... well, I chose to suffer the consequences.  

I now have tools in my arsenal that will help me to combat those consequences from eating poorly.  It doesn't give me an excuse to eat poorly all the time, but it does allow me to not miss all the joys in life, like sitting around the kitchen table with your family enjoying birthday celebrations.  So, this morning as I crawled out of bed for a hot shower to sooth my aching joints, I knew immediately what would follow. While actually it's 4 products that I use (technically called a Superfecta ;) ) This Superfecta is exactly what I bet on when suffering my choices of poor eating habits.  

My chickory coffee, Aloe glow and Spirulina help with the digestion and fatigue and the collagen helps with the joint pain.  Making this a win-win in my book!  Life is meant to be lived in the fullest <3 Between Hashimotos and SIBO, I know that my life will be full of choices and consequences, I'm so grateful to have these amazing products in my arsenal to help me combat everyday life.  If you'd like to see my SIBO must haves from Nurtriplus you can click here
Oh... and drink lots of WATER!!!