Woah!  I cannot believe what's coming!!!
I know you haven't heard much from me in a while, and if you're getting notifications from my site, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on with her blog???? LOL  

Well, I've switched my website platform.... same company, but different division within the company, which meant I had to repost all of my old blog post and edit their dates.  It was a big task, but I felt it was important to show I'm not new in town, and I've been talking about wellness, taking care of our bodies, being creative and all while saving money for a while now, and that's so important, especially for what's coming next!!!

I've got some great things coming very soon...
         ~ updated book
         ~ a new book
         ~ an online course
         ~ meal plans
         ~ a community to help others find wellness
         ~ and much more!

So, for now, please be patient with me as I'm working on lots of irons, all while keeping my balance at home, work, family and friends.  Please subscribe to my social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram so you don't miss out on what's coming next <3 


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