Time to call in the troops...

Sometimes you just need to know when to call in the troops...

I filmed a video about Bible Journaling on Sunday.  It was pretty good, just need to upload it and edit.
I deleted it by accident.
So, Monday I filmed it again.  This time it was even better than the first one.  I was so excited, to finally get this information out there on my YouTube channel.  
And then come the technical difficulties.
Needed to convert it to a MP4.
Upload to an editing software, only to have no sound.
Convert it again, only to have it mishaped into widescreen... which was extremely unflattering, I must add.

Now today... Day 3 of said video... After hours of frustration, staring at the computer, clicking links, watching tutorials, I'd had it... Time to call in the troops I declared.

Fiverr.  If you haven't heard of Fiverr, I'm about to blow your mind!  You can go to Fiverr.com and search just about any freelance work that you need done.  I have worked with a gentleman from Europe a couple of other times, and he never ceases to amaze me.  

I know that with continued effort put forth I will get this IT thing down, but until then I can't be ashamed to call in some help to get me over a hump.  Trust me, the $17 is going to be way worth my sanity.

Keep watch, the video is coming soon!  Until then, I worked on some cut files for today.