How do you handle stress???

If you've been following me, then you know that I'm remodeling my kitchen.  However, most people either take out a loan to remodel, or save up all the money at once.  I'm definetely NOT like most people LOL...  My whole life I've struggled financially, robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It's only been the last few years that I've not had to worry about where I would cut corners to make ends meet.  So, when I started my kitchen project, I vowed that I would not take out a loan, and I would divide it into 3 goals.  Goal one was met in September.

Goal two has been so close so many times since then but something always pops up that is more urgent than new kitchen cupboards.  Today, as I was sitting down to pay medical bills that I've incurred over the last month or so, I opened a new envelope that came in the mail.... this bill was more than all of the others put together!  At first the anxiety of how I'm going to pay this came over me, before I took a breath and remembered that I have the money to pay it, it just means putting off the kitchen yet again.

That feeling is filled with mixed emotions.  The comfort that I had the money, and the frustration that the remodel is postponed.  As I looked across my desk, I opened my Too Blessed to be Stressed devotional; today's verse is Luke 12:25-26, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?  Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?"  And there you have it...

With God's word ringing in my ears, I turned off my computer, cleared my desk of bills, and got out my ink, stamps and Copics.  As I started coloring I look up from my work and see God's brilliant handiwork through the trees.  Between God's grace and the therapy that coloring brings me I'm no longer stressed.

So, again, I ask you... "How do you handle stress?"  Remember, worry cannot add a single hour to your life.  Find what brings you joy, and commit the rest to our Heavenly Father.

The cute bunny and penguin card is the result of my afternoon meltdown LOL...