Poison Ivy Protocol

*ALERT there are disturbing pictures attached to this blog post.

September 2019 I was excited to plant some flowers with my granddaughter along the pathway up to our front door.  Within days my nightmare began.  As you can see in the picture below you will agree that this was the worst case of poison ivy that urgent care had ever seen :(  I had only had one brief encounter ever in my then 52 years.  I tried all of the home remedies and when that didn't work I went to urgent care where they started me on an antibiotic, but eventually had to follow up with my doctor to also start steroids and a different antibiotic.

 It took me a while before I was brave enough to attempt gardening, and in the spring of 2021, I decided to plant some ditch lilies.  With no signs of Poison Ivy in sight I thought I was safe.  I wore long sleeves, and gloves, but didn't consider wiping the sweat from my neck and the roots that I was digging up were from the vicious plant.  This picture is just from the beginning, and while I didn't get the blisters as bad as I did a couple of years prior, it scarred me mentally.  I was determined that our yard was out to get me and the only way to stay safe was to stay inside :(

But what kind of life is that?  In July 2021 I was introduced to Farmasi and started researching their many products.  I was also researching poison ivy and how to combat the effects from it's elusive oil.  It was then that I started experimenting with different products every time I found a spot that I had gotten into.  Finally I can say that I am no longer scared to be in our yard, as I have found something that actually works!

I go in and take a shower with our tea tree soap, then apply a charcoal toner, and charcoal face mask onto the affected area.  For the last two years it has worked like a charm!  I shared with my doctor, and she exclaimed, "That is brilliant!"  The charcoal purifies the skin, drawing out the oil.

If needed I will also use the Jojoba oil mixed with the Tea Tree essential oil, but honestly, I don't usually need it.  I'm so excited with this new found freedom to feel confidant to work and play outside without fear.

If you'd like to order my protocol, you can do so here.