Yes, you can withdrawal from...

9 years ago I was officially diagnosed with RA and given medication and braces.  7 years ago exactly; I ended up in the Emergency Room with a possible heart attack.  Short story is that my medication had eaten away at my esophagus and it was RAW....  The pain was causing severe chest pain. 

 So, after a couple of days of testing and hospital stay, I was told,

 "Good news!  My heart was in great shape!!!  
Bad news... my medication was causing severe side effects.
Good news!  There's 2 more medications I'll get to take and I'll be fine"  

NO!  That's NOT GOOD NEWS!!!  That's when I was introduced to Young Living.... Thank you, Jesus!  I have been 7 years with no medications, and after a week I was able to stop wearing these braces.

Well, a few months ago, my arthritis started getting worse, and what I was doing, was no longer helping as much.  That's when I decided to try our CBD oil.  I was taking one dropper full of 500mg Citrus daily..  

And then one day I was out...  UGH!!!  It was working so well.  I was back out of my braces, no longer in pain.  No biggie, I thought... I'll just order some more.  That was about 10 days ago....

Saturday evening I started with a headache.  A nagging, yucky, won't go away headache.
Sunday morning I woke up nauseous, and with this stupid headache that now hurt to move my eyes.
The day continued.  I tried everything I could think of.  Oils, caffeine, accupuncture mat, sugar, I even resorted to tylenol.  I was worried that maybe my hypoglycemia had taken a turn and I was having problems with my sugar.
Monday continued just about the same way.  I wasn't as much of a zombie though and I was able to accomplish some projects.

Then Monday night came...  My Ah-ha moment!

It was 2am Tuesday morning when I woke up in terrible pain.  It was my thumb.  My main source of my arthritic pain.  HOLY COW, did it hurt.  I immediately got up and put on my brace.  

That dreaded brace... but it got me thinking... I haven't had to wear this since I started using my CBD oil.  And that's when it hit me.  My Ah-ha moment.  Am I having a withdrawal from the CBD oil???  I got up and used our dog, Izzy's oil... ewe... I know.  But hey, desperate times, call for desperate measures.  So, I tried not to think about how many times I had used that dropper in her mouth, and just did it.  

Now, hers is a lower dose than mine, so I went ahead and also used my Calm roll-on.  I was then able to go back to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, I was a new person!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Mine should be here any day.  For now I'm just so grateful that I figured out what was going on.  Yes, I googled withdrawals from CBD, and there are conflicting reports.  That's why I'm here to tell you that everyone is different, and YES YOU CAN HAVE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS FROM CBD.

*Side note... one of those medications that they put me on 7 years ago, has since been proven to be cancer causing.  AGAIN... THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR OPENING MY EYES TO OTHER OPTIONS!