Let's try before you buy!

Have you spent tons of money on products like I have only to throw them away because you don't like them?  Oh, man... I knew I was preaching to a choir!  This is exactly why I came up with this Nutriplus Sampler Kit! Click the image above, and you can purchase your own Nutriplus Sampler Kit for only $8.49!  I will send you 1 Chocolate meal replacement, 1 serving of Delish Chicory Coffee, 1 Serenity Tea, and also throw in a couple of other goodies. I can't wait to hear what you think of these products.  They have literally changed my life, helped me to maintain my weight loss, and kept my digestive system on track.
(*And if you're curious how I made this amazing funnel, let's chat)

The Trifecta of choices and consequences...

Yesterday was our oldest grandson's 13th birthday.  While it's good to stay gluten, dairy and sugar free; I've made the choice to choose my battles.  I know that with gluten I will have inflammation and joint pain, the dairy will cause me digestion issues, and the sugar will cause me extreme fatigue.  
 But when your grandson wants pizza and root beer floats for his birthday... well, I chose to suffer the consequences.  

I now have tools in my arsenal that will help me to combat those consequences from eating poorly.  It doesn't give me an excuse to eat poorly all the time, but it does allow me to not miss all the joys in life, like sitting around the kitchen table with your family enjoying birthday celebrations.  So, this morning as I crawled out of bed for a hot shower to sooth my aching joints, I knew immediately what would follow. While actually it's 4 products that I use (technically called a Superfecta ;) ) This Superfecta is exactly what I bet on when suffering my choices of poor eating habits.  

My chickory coffee, Aloe glow and Spirulina help with the digestion and fatigue and the collagen helps with the joint pain.  Making this a win-win in my book!  Life is meant to be lived in the fullest <3 Between Hashimotos and SIBO, I know that my life will be full of choices and consequences, I'm so grateful to have these amazing products in my arsenal to help me combat everyday life.  If you'd like to see my SIBO must haves from Nurtriplus you can click here
Oh... and drink lots of WATER!!!  

Poison Ivy Protocol

*ALERT there are disturbing pictures attached to this blog post.

September 2019 I was excited to plant some flowers with my granddaughter along the pathway up to our front door.  Within days my nightmare began.  As you can see in the picture below you will agree that this was the worst case of poison ivy that urgent care had ever seen :(  I had only had one brief encounter ever in my then 52 years.  I tried all of the home remedies and when that didn't work I went to urgent care where they started me on an antibiotic, but eventually had to follow up with my doctor to also start steroids and a different antibiotic.

 It took me a while before I was brave enough to attempt gardening, and in the spring of 2021, I decided to plant some ditch lilies.  With no signs of Poison Ivy in sight I thought I was safe.  I wore long sleeves, and gloves, but didn't consider wiping the sweat from my neck and the roots that I was digging up were from the vicious plant.  This picture is just from the beginning, and while I didn't get the blisters as bad as I did a couple of years prior, it scarred me mentally.  I was determined that our yard was out to get me and the only way to stay safe was to stay inside :(

But what kind of life is that?  In July 2021 I was introduced to Farmasi and started researching their many products.  I was also researching poison ivy and how to combat the effects from it's elusive oil.  It was then that I started experimenting with different products every time I found a spot that I had gotten into.  Finally I can say that I am no longer scared to be in our yard, as I have found something that actually works!

I go in and take a shower with our tea tree soap, then apply a charcoal toner, and charcoal face mask onto the affected area.  For the last two years it has worked like a charm!  I shared with my doctor, and she exclaimed, "That is brilliant!"  The charcoal purifies the skin, drawing out the oil.

If needed I will also use the Jojoba oil mixed with the Tea Tree essential oil, but honestly, I don't usually need it.  I'm so excited with this new found freedom to feel confidant to work and play outside without fear.

If you'd like to order my protocol, you can do so here.


Woah! I cannot believe what's coming!!!

Woah!  I cannot believe what's coming!!!
I know you haven't heard much from me in a while, and if you're getting notifications from my site, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on with her blog???? LOL  

Well, I've switched my website platform.... same company, but different division within the company, which meant I had to repost all of my old blog post and edit their dates.  It was a big task, but I felt it was important to show I'm not new in town, and I've been talking about wellness, taking care of our bodies, being creative and all while saving money for a while now, and that's so important, especially for what's coming next!!!

I've got some great things coming very soon...
         ~ updated book
         ~ a new book
         ~ an online course
         ~ meal plans
         ~ a community to help others find wellness
         ~ and much more!

So, for now, please be patient with me as I'm working on lots of irons, all while keeping my balance at home, work, family and friends.  Please subscribe to my social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram so you don't miss out on what's coming next <3 

Summer Skin!!!

I know, sounds weird right???  But it's summer and we need to think about our skin.  So, let's talk....

You've heard me talk about collagen and how good it it, but are you getting enough yet?  You should be taking in collagen in several different forms.  And sis... I got you!!!

Not only do we have powder form to add to your favorite food or drink, but we also have convenient little Collagen Shots that are so handy and easy to grab for on the go, and then we have a great instant Chickory coffee that has collagen added to it.  Today, I'm going to share with you some amazing recipes to take that Chickory Collagen coffee and turn it up a notch!

If you'd like to see more, join my Beloved Beauties facebook group.  Here we share all things Farmasi, including tutorials, testimonies, recipes and specials, so you'll never miss another sale, or product launch!

I know I said, Summer Skin, and we've only talked about collagen, well don't forget to take care of your skin from the outside too from those harmful UV rays.  We have an amazing Face & Body 50 spf lotion, a 6 spf Bronzing oil spray, and an awesome Aloe soothing After Sun gel. 
 So, whatever your plans are for the summer, know that we've got you covered!  Oh, and did I mention that until June 19th, you can sign up for only $9.90, and get 50% off all your purchases???!!!?!  I know, right????  What are you waiting for???  Call me, or just click here scroll to the bottom and sign up today... no commitment ;)

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