I'll admit it... I was one of those that rolled my eyes when I heard some one say, "I'm allergic to gluten" or "do you have any gluten free items on the menu"? It seemed like everyone was jumping on this new band wagon that I thought was a fad.

The last few weeks I have been battling some health issues. My doctor suggested I restrict my diet to gluten and dairy free while going through numerous tests. On Thursday we received some answers and although he agreed that living a gluten and dairy free diet would be healthier, it's not detrimental to my illness.  So, after a long Sunday afternoon of projects, and a new found pizza delivery place, we decided to splurge!

5:04 am the morning after.  That was the moment.  The moment that I awoke and was in so much pain that it hurt to roll over.  Every joint in my body hurt.  My wrist that I've had to wear braces on...hurt.  My whole spine...hurt.  My feet...hurt. 

Then I instantly received what I call a God nudge.  That's when I feel the Holy Spirit move within me, telling me something.  Only this wasn't just a nudge.  It was like a big ole' slap up side my head saying, "you dummy!!!  Pizza = gluten = inflammation = pain"  Yup.  5:04 am was the moment that I realized that while although you may not be allergic to gluten, there are certainly major health benefits to going gluten free to some that struggle with gluten sensitivity and inflammation.  I've battled numerous health issues for years, especially RA and degenerative disc disease.  So, this wave of inflammation hit me like a ton of bricks.  I think what made it even more prominent was that after being gluten free for 4 weeks, I didn't even realize how great I was feeling, until I didn't.

And so now, I want to repent for all of those eye rolls.  Unfortunately, I did not do my own research before having it hit home to realize the benefits of being gluten free, and how it affects so many.  I now understand.  God has such a sense of humor, doesn't he?  Luckily we happen to have another pizza joint in town that makes the best gluten-free pizza around.  


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