I help create a balanced life through creativity. 

 I'm so glad you found me! We're going to go places together. 


A Little About Me 
Hi there, I'm so glad you're here!

Through my site you'll learn alot about me, but mostly I want you to know that I'm a child of God, a wife, mom, grama, author and love to create all things while saving money and time.

I'm here to help you find hope in all things... wether it's for a healthier lifestyle, a way to connect with your people, how to create a balance in life, or just to find an easier way to discover your journey through life.

As a child of sexual, verbal, mental and physical abuse and a widow at age 41, I've come to learn a thing or two and love to help others in need of hope.  I've taught stamping and scrapbooking for over 20 years, and am a Certified Copic Instructor.  My philosophy is that coloring is the best form of therapy, and way cheaper than hospital bills and/or a divorce LOL

I'm also a Founding Oola Ambassador, and I help people find balance in their life in 7 key areas.  Faith, Family, Friends, Field (your career), Finance, Fitness and Fun.  You were designed by God for greatness.  Let me help you go get your Oola life!

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 Live a Life You Love 


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Thank you for joining us here at the Creative Frugal Wonder Woman Creative Club. You can view my videos and instructions on special projects, Copic coloring and watercoloring videos, and even some special recipes and labels that you can download!  There is also free access to my classes.

There's a growing Gallery to see all your favorite projects to inspire you, and an exclusive discussion group to talk about ideas and questions about techniques.

By being a member of our community you'll get the inside scoop on my latest projects and specials.  I am an affiliate with many companies, and when there is a link posted, I appreciate you using it to make your purchase, as the company then compensates me at no extra cost to you... It's like having a free instructor in your back pocket!