Hi, I'm Jan and I help people 
balance their life in 7 key areas.
Faith. Family. Friends. Field. Finance. Fitness. Fun.

My mission is to help change the world with a word.  Oola.
Imagine living life differently.  We're making the world better by providing a lifestyle framework 
that helps individuals create a life of balance, growth and purpose.

Tell me more.  What is Oola?

Here's the scoop right from Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy.

About Me
Oola impacted my life back in 2014 when I met the Oola Guys for the first time.  Since then I have written my first book; My Oola Journey, and also helped Co-author Oola for Christians.

Oola is a lifestyle.  By following the easy principals of Oola you too can live a life full of purpose, where you find yourself growing in all 7 key areas of life.

Take Action
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Creative Club
Thank you for joining us here at the Creative Frugal Wonder Woman Creative Club. You can view my videos and instructions on special projects, Copic coloring and watercoloring videos, and even some special recipes and labels that you can download!  There is also free access to my classes.

There's a growing Gallery to see all your favorite projects to inspire you, and an exclusive discussion group to talk about ideas and questions about techniques.

By being a member of our community you'll get the inside scoop on my latest projects and specials.  I am an affiliate with many companies, and when there is a link posted, I appreciate you using it to make your purchase, as the company then compensates me at no extra cost to you... It's like having a free instructor in your back pocket!