Kitchen Scrubby
I was visiting a friend the other day and she was showing me these great little kitchen scrubbies that she was making.  I have been out of the yarn loop for a bit and had never seen yarn like this!  They are adorable, durable and work amazing...

As I was surfing the web I found this Red Heart Scubby Yarn and just had to share!  If you at all crochet or knit, I urge you to check out this yarn.  It is soft yet powerful.  Combined with cotton yarn for the opposite side, makes this my favorite kitchen cleaning tool, used along with my Thieves Dish Soap and Household Cleaner.  I will be hitting up my friend for some more, because now I know that I need another one for when this one gets thrown in the washer ;) 

Happy Cleaning, and check in later this week for another cleaning tip!!!


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